Project Description

​Facility and Property Management

To successfully execute your strategic business plans of a portfolio of commercial properties, consider Al’s Twin Air Property Management Team. Al’s Twin Air has extensive experience managing multifaceted commercial buildings and residential properties. Mr. Al’s work career with properties includes millions of commercial facilities’ square footage and nearly 70 acres of land management, tenant improvements and renovations of residential apartments. He has more than 20 years of successful track record managing office buildings, healthcare/hospital buildings, and commercial residential real estate.

Al’s Twin Air can help you manage the entire life cycle of building HVAC systems and operations, including due diligence support during acquisition, execution of strategic capital plan, tenant relations functions, lease administration, staffing, financial reporting and upon successful execution of business plan, disposition of the asset. The Property Management Team is knowledgeable in all aspects of commercial real estate operations, to include: property grounds  and landscape, reporting, budgeting, construction, contract service administration, tenant/resident and local community relations, lease administration, emergency preparedness, collections of rent and tenant service billings. The Al’s Twin Air partners with other vertical property teams such as asset managers, brokers (leasing team), accountants, design consultants and contractors working on capital improvement projects that include building and grounds improvements, property acquisitions and transitions, elevator modernization, roof and mechanical equipment replacement. If you have property of buildings, homes, commercial, call Al’s Twin Air for property management assistance and assessment.

We become the steward of your facility and property. The property appearance and structural functionality are managed adequately to minimize business disruption by maintaining high quality customer service and ensuring our staff respond to requests for repair timely and courteously.

You can be assured your property is in the best hands as we:

  • Oversee compliance with federal, state, and local heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry laws, regulations and/or guidelines
  • Adhere to building codes, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and EPA inspections, cold chain requirements, etc.
  • Help develop and implement maintenance policies and procedures, and ensure compliance
  • Manage risk such as removal of ozone-depleting refrigerants and creating green buildings
  • Examine and diagnose problems with heating, ventilation and air conditioning units for property facilities
  • Make repairs and/or replacements, and performs preventative maintenance on HVAC units by replacing filters, cleaning coils, boilers, chillers, etc.
  • Perform building up-keep, such as painting, lock replacement and repairs, carpet replacement or cleaning, installation of window, doors, floors, etc.
  • Perform minor electrical repairs and replacement of light fixtures and related items.
  • Administer all facilities management operations, including communications, systems, security, health & safety, mechanical and low voltage electrical and building services, procurement and office services

We can manage your facilities and properties to enhance every aspect. Call Al’s Twin Air Facilities and Property team.






8:30am – 5:00pm